CIEH Level 3 Award in Fire Safety Risk Assessment & Control


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The CIEH Level 3 Award in Fire Safety Risk Assessment and Control helps candidates consolidate and develop their existing knowledge of workplace fire safety. Candidates gain a thorough understanding of the formal fire risk assessment process for non-complex, low – or normal-risk premises that do not contain high risk associated with the work or building features.

This qualification has been developed either to

  1. support ‘responsible persons’ (usually employers or landlords) who wish to undertake their own fire risk assessment
  2. enable ‘responsible persons’ to appoint an appropriate person to undertake the fire risk assessment on their behalf.

Successfully completing this qualification will enable candidates to:

  • conduct a fire safety checklist in their work area
  • conduct a fire risk assessment in a low- or normal-risk premises (assuming candidates have the necessary technical knowledge in relation to fire safety and the activities/environments/issues being assessed)
  • organise and implement a fire risk assessment programme or contribute to an existing programme
  • participate in the identification of specific fire safety training needs through fire risk assessment
  • assist employers in meeting legal requirements and promote improved standards of fire safety in their workplace
  • self-evaluate their knowledge and skills, and to seek help where necessary.

Outline programme

  • The qualification covers:
  • the importance of fire safety in the workplace
  • the reasons for using a fire risk assessment and the principles involved
  • how to link the principles of fire risk assessment to practical examples of workplaces and activities
  • how fire risk controls are used in the workplace
  • how to use the findings gained from a fire risk assessment to improve the safety of the workplace
  • how to apply knowledge of fire risk and control in a practical setting.

Course Duration

3 Days

Assessment Method

The assessment method for this qualification is an assignment based on the candidates own work environment. Candidates must identify a suitable premises, or part of a premises, to undertake a fire risk assessment. It is important that you choose a location that will allow you to demonstrate and apply a wide range of knowledge and skills.

Qualification information

Designed for: Responsible persons in non-complex, low- or normal-risk premises who wish to carry out their own fire risk assessment, or those who assist them in fulfilling this duty.

Additional information

Dates & Locations

7 – 9 September 2015 9am Cambridge